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//  Origin:  Chicago, IL
//  Genres:  Jazz/Creative Music
//  Years Active:  2006- Present
//  Label:  BACE Records
//  Website:
Short Bio

Since early in his life, Connor Bernhard has been enamored with music and its creation. Born in 1992, he was exposed to jazz by his father from day one, but officially started studying guitar at age 7, trumpet at age 10, and has pursued them both in the professional and academic fields. Connor has been busy playing, composing, and arranging for a variety of ensembles including several of his own He is currently working on multiple recording releases on trumpet as well as guitar that are in various stages of completion at the time of this publishing for his new hip-hop collective called “Zochen” (with Keith “MaestroK” Harris and Hayden Ashley), as well as his creative effort with Dana Thompson and Darin Nicholson dubbed, “Satchmo.”  His debut creative music album as a leader entitled, “Altitude,” was released in May 2020 with BACE Records and features some of Chicago’s finest young musicians.


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